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Virtual Classroom

‘To combat the challenges thrown up by the pandemic, Team Viewstar has innovated a teacher-friendly, device-agnostic, Virtual Classroom solution that combines the versatility of Viewstar Smart projectors & the powerful features of the Zoom platform to provide education to children of our country in the safety and comfort of their homes.'

Viewstar Virtual Classroom Value Proposition

1.Zoom platform on our projectors provides a two way Videoconferencing feature which would ensure high levels of student-teacher interaction & student engagement

2.Using screen share feature of Zoom platform, teachers can screen share content of school curriculum with students. This would facilitate better understanding & learning outcome amongst students

3.Teachers would be able to see all students on a 150 inch image size which would ensure better student & class control & also individual student attention

4.Device agnostic solution: students can use smart phones, PCs,/Laptops or TVs to log into the virtual classroom

5.Facilitates blended learning in a virtual classroom

6.Has a dual role. Can be used in a classroom as an e-Learning kit when students can attend school & as virtual classroom when students cannot attend school because of the pandemic

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