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‘Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world’ – Nelson Mandela'

Starting 2020, India would enjoy a huge demographic dividend - that of being the youngest country in the world with an average age of 29 years compared to 48 in Europe, 45 in the US & 35 in China

We stand to lose this demographic dividend as 75% of our labor force in unskilled. To turn this around we need to build a huge mass of school educated youth who can take up skill training thereby bridging the gap between availability & the industry demand for skilled labor.

The major challenges faced in by the education system today are:

Poor learning outcome

High rate of school dropout especially at secondary school level

Lack of electricity access for schools

Shortage of trained teachers

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While we have made great progress with a primary level enrollment of above 99%,there is a gap in learning outcomes & the advances that students make in classrooms have not kept pace with the enrollment numbers

70% of class III students cannot do simple two digit subtraction or division

52% of class V students cannot read Class II text

57% of Indian schools have three teachers or less

Although all villages have access to electricity there are still 16,900 villages, where schools catering to almost 1.7 million students do not access to electricity & schools

Viewstar is committed to address these challenges by implementing customized, affordable, innovative, solar powered, world class digital educational solutions in village.

Our expertise lies in our technology partner network & partner development program that helps us offer handpicked, innovations driven & customized world class DLP LED & LCD LED projectors with built-in CPU that works on Android operating system & that is preloaded with audio-visual content for school syllabus in Hindi /Marathi / English /Kannada /Tamil /Telugu

Impact assessment studies conducted in government schools has implicitly proved that digital education:

Makes understanding of basics & fundamentals very simple

Ensures high retention & memory recall

Improves learning outcome & student performance

Increases student teacher interaction

Reduces absenteeism & school drop out

Motivates teachers –Teacher support tool

Demo of Educational Content Provided by our Content Partners for our E-Learning Solutions

Gujrati Standard 9

Kannada Standard 10

Fate of food in our body