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India has come a long way since its independence in terms of social, political and economic development. However, it continues to grapple with issues of inclusiveness, equity and sustainable growth; this has a strong underlying impact on the country’s business environment. In light of this, the Indian Government amended the Companies Act to mandate companies to make investments for the cause of the betterment of society. With this, India became the first country in the world to legislate Corporate Social responsibility.

Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013 (henceforth, the Act) requires every company, public or private, with net worth of INR 500 crore/turnover of INR 1000 crore or net profit of INR 5 crore, to spend, in every financial year, at least 2% of its average net profits made during three immediately preceding financial years on CSR, in pursuance of its stated CSR policy.

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Indicative activities which can be undertaken by a company under CSR have been specified in Schedule VII of the Act, as conveyed vide notification dated 27-02-2014 and further amendments to it, the Schedule VII enlists promotion of education as a recognized CSR activity

Viewstar remains committed to bringing customized, solar powered world class e-Learning solutions to village schools, tribal schools & Zilla Parishad Schools catering to poor & needy students by partnering with corporates for CSR sponsored e-learning projects

Our expertise lies in our technology partner network & partner development program that helps us offer handpicked, innovations driven & customized world class DLP LED & LCD LED projectors with built-in CPU that works on Android operating system & that is preloaded with audio-visual content for school syllabus in Hindi /Marathi / English /Kannada /Tamil /Telugu

Viewstar’s social cause innovations driven technology provides corporates with crucial advantages & benefits for administration & implementation of CSR sponsored e-Learning projects:

- Easy to measure & quantify making administration of CSR project easy to budget, monitor & manage

- Plug & play e-Learning solution ensures quick roll out of CSR project

- Impact assessment can be easily measured

- e-Learning kit can be effectively deployed for cascading powerful content for holistic community development & improvement of Human development Index

Viewstar has partnered with large corporates to transform lives of poor & needy students through world class digital educational solutions.