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About Us

The arrival of the 21st century has brought about with it incredible advancements in most aspects of the world around us yet the education system, which is the backbone of civilisation is still using archaic methods to impart learning, which is extremely detrimental to all the concerted efforts put in by stakeholders.

Furthermore, in a country such as ours, where there is extreme disparity of wealth, resources, and opportunities, this problem is further compounded and prevalent in the rural and economically weaker areas where education is the only beacon of hope for a chance at a better life. Also, lack of infrastructure and paucity of skilled teachers leads to poor learning outcomes and high school dropouts, coercing needy children into child labor and into a life of abject poverty.

Preventing this impending deepening of the gap while simultaneously bridging it and providing avenues to those who are less fortunate, through digital education, is what defines ViewStar.

ViewStar was founded in December 2016 to transform the way in which digital education is implemented in India for needy students from the marginalized segment of society using visual display technology.

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We, at ViewStar, are committed to bringing world-class digital educational solutions incorporating a combination of our latest generation social innovations in interactive Android projectors loaded with rich multi-media educational school content in regional languages as well as in English.

Seeing is believing. We want our products to speak for themselves and there is no better way than our customers experiencing the quality and cutting edge technology that defines Viewstar, firsthand. Our single-minded pursuit is that of exceeding customer expectations. Therefore, our product line is perfectly suited to not only delivering but also going above and beyond what is the market benchmark when it comes to your digital educational and home edutainment (home entertainment and education) solutions. We have taken it upon ourselves to embark on a never-ending quest for innovation and perfection so that we can strive to give you the best possible viewing experience.


ViewStar endeavors to transform and empower the lives of needy students from the disadvantaged segment of society through robust and sustainable digital educational projects implemented in collaboration and cooperation with NGOs, corporates, the government, and other stakeholders


What ViewStar strives towards :

- Improving learning outcome amongst village and tribal students

- Reducing the school dropout rate

- Motivating teachers by providing a teacher support tool

- Providing an intervention to disrupt the vicious cycle of poverty



We aim to delight our customers and exceed their expectations by providing the latest generation world-class products/solutions keeping in mind their preferences, likes, and requirements


We uphold ourselves to the highest values of transparency, integrity, and honesty in all our transactions with our internal customers as well as our external customers


A company is a reflection of the people who help it function and thrive. We retain talented and suitable partners and provide them with an atmosphere conducive for mutual growth, learning, and success


At ViewStar, we find solutions to existing problems while minimising future ones. A goal-driven approach to eco-friendly practices along with reducing, reusing, and recycling are the organisational norms.